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PALA Agenda

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It is startling that most industry professionals still question the agenda of PALA - Professional Audio and Lighting Association. According to some, the agenda seems to be limited and not addressing every problem faced. Instead of coming forth with ideas and suggestions, the dissatisfied lot of professionals decided to keep mum and watch, whilst suffering the consequences of their silence and in not believing that PALA could help solve their problems.

    Sharing herewith the preliminary agenda of PALA

  1. To ethically fight for the sound and light service providers/ vendors/ manufacturers for their right to do business with self - esteem.
  2. To put a joint fight against the various types of oppressive forces against the sound and light industry.
  3. To be a Guardian of the rights of members of the sound and light service providers / manufacturer / vendors and traders.
  4. To protect the service providers / vendors/ manufacturers and traders’ right to earn and right to lead a quality life.
  5. To address several issues being faced by the sound and light service providers / vendors / manufacturers and traders regarding sound Noise pollution and various other misinterpreted laws.
  6. To protect the sound and light service providers / vendors / manufacturers and traders from high handedness of authorities of law.
  7. To have a representative body for representation before Government bodies and Judicial Forum.
  8. To be able to participate in the drafting of laws concerning and governing the Sound and Light Industry.

  9. It’s almost FOUR years now since PALA was formed. The founding members were serious about their agenda, aims and goals. They expected their idols to join and support them and guide them and help them to confront the oppressive forces and win the battle with the law enforcers.

    That was the simple thought four years ago and with very limited support PALA went on to represent its people and submitted petitions in both the High Court as well as the Supreme Court and is yet fighting to get the law amended with respect to the decibel level limits. All along PALA has been alert and kept itself up to date with the numerous other issues that the Industry was facing. But due to “no support” from the industry, it was tough to address all concerns at once.

    Now with a proper road map and a bigger team PALA has set a very ambitious goal - to reach out to every single individual connected to the Events and Entertainment Industry and assure each one that justice will be served. Apart from the initial agenda laid out by PALA, the current committee of PALA has broadened its approach, thus expanding its agenda and commitment to the Events & Entertainment Industry to effectively.

  10. bring together the manufacturers, distributors, dealers, of all products and brands utilized by the Events & Entertainment Industry.
  11. bring together the trained & technical manpower rendering their services across all the various segments of the Events & Entertainment Industry.
  12. bring together the various service providers catering to and fulfilling the requirements of the Events & Entertainment industry.
  13. implement several corrective measures to establish harmony and a healthy business environment and the right to do business with self-esteem.
  14. conduct educational and training sessions to assist the community to adapt with the latest developments and technology trends specific to their sectors.
  15. streamline and guide the vendors on the importance of enrolling for relevant licences to perform duties and execute all job work within the rules & regulations of the prevailing laws
  16. liaison with the government to seek recognition for the industry and avail the several facilities offered in Government Schemes to give the right Impetus for the growth of our Events and Entertainment industry.
  17. liaison with the commerce ministry and every other related ministries to address all concerns with respect to organisational growth constraints mostly related to taxes and sops offered.
  18. represent our industry issues and woes and request for changes in the law wherever applicable to enable some of our business to co-exist in the current scenario so that the right to livelihood is maintained with honour and respect.
  19. meet the basic needs of our support staff and labourers and support them in times of difficulties. Enrol them in several schemes, thus assuring them of a secured future.

  20. More suggestions to the above agenda are always welcome . . .

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